! Mr.Atari meets Mr.Atari !

22 January 2006 we have had the great pleasure and honour to meet the former Sales Manager from
Atari Benelux in the eighties and beginning of the nineties: Wilfried.

I had placed a bid on a lot of Atari-items on the Internet. It said 'from a former employee' but that was all.
Among the items were: a PAL 800!! / a 822 printer new boxed (in the send-box as well) / several prototype cartridges,
flyers etc. A treasure. I have put some of the pictures below.

When we arrived, we were greeted by him and he gave us his original business-card. 
Also we got from him an original hand-made pin with logo. (right off his own shirt!) What a start...

He told us many great stories about that he had met Nolan Bushnell on a Atari party in America, 
and Ray Kassar- Atari CEO of Warner Communications - who came to the Netherlands with his own private jet and bodyguards, 
and that he had met (and recently spoke to) Jack Tramiel and has been in his house in California.

Wilfried had been with Atari right from the beginning of the game-console era here in The Netherlands to the ST era. Back then he was known in his business as " Mr. Atari".

We had a great evening but unfortunately we had to drive home again.

Here are some items shown:

Unfortunately we didn't bring our photo camera (didn't expect this) but we did bring our mobile phone, so the pics are a bit vague.


Wilfried back in the eighties.


Prototype carts.

822 printer still in the send-box.

Inside the box: Another box!! never been opnened.


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