New sealed:

Dimension X Synapse Software


Red small Atari Tapes:

An Invitation To Programming
Compilation Tape: Star Raiders/Asteroids/Missile Command/Centipede/Airstrike
Compilation Tape: Realsports Tennis/Chop Suey/Realsports Football/Basketball/Chess
European Countries and Capitals
Eastern Front 1941
The Lone Raider

Red/White larger Atari tapes:

Curse of Crowley Manor
Escape from Traam
European Countries (no cover)
Galactic Empire
Galactic Trader
Lunar Landing
Mountain Shoot
Star Flite
Treasure Quest

Large Dutch cassettes (silver etc.):

Atari Adressenbestand complete
Atari Energie complete
Atari Statistieken complete
Bioritme complete
Blackjack complete
Galgje complete
Koninkrijk complete
Leer in Basic programmeren op de Atari - cursus complete
Programmeren...Hoe doe je dat? deel 1 complete
Programmeren...Hoe doe je dat? deel 2 complete
Programmeren...Hoe doe je dat? deel 3 complete

Thorn/Emi Black boxes:

British Heritage Jigsaw Puzzles vol. 1 complete
British Heritage Jigsaw Puzzles vol. 2 complete
Cribbage & Dominoes complete
Cribbage & Dominoes cartboard box!, complete
Darts complete
Desmond`s Dungeon - find the key to riches complete
European Scene Jigsaw Puzzles vol. 1 no manual
European Scene Jigsaw Puzzles vol. 2 no manual
Figure Fun complete
Hickory Dickory Dock / Baa Baa Black Sheep complete
Humpty  Dumpty & Jack And Jill complete
Owari & Bull and Cow complete
Pool complete
Super Cubes and Slip complete
Thorn Emi Compute 4 & Reversi complete
Thorn/Emi Black boxes   >>  CARTBOARD:
Cribbage and Dominoes complete
British Heritage Jigsaw Puzzles complete
European Scene Jigsaw Puzzles complete
Humpty Dumpty / Jack and Jill -  Nursery Rhimes complete
Snooker & Billiards complete
Super Cubes and Tilt complete

Normal size and large cassettes boxes:

Aackoboek overzicht in- en uitgaande facturen Aackosoft Blue box, Dutch, complete
Airwolf Elite, Aackosoft black plastic box, dutch, dutch b/w manual
Aliencounter & Face Flash - Edufun! Edufun! AMHC01 Black square  sleeve 16*18 cm
An invitation to programming 1 Atari CX4101 Small cartboard box, no manual, box brown/pink, cass. box black
An Invitation to Programming 1 Atari CX4101 Small cartboard box, brown/pink, no manual
An invitation to programming 2 Atari CX4106 Large cartboard box, with manual, box brown/pink, 2 cass.
An invitation to programming 3 Atari CX4117 Large cartboard box, with manual, box brown/pink, 2 cass.
Archon Ariolasoft Dark cartboard square box, compl. w. man., no free badge (on box)
Astro Chase Aackosoft 1983 First Star
Atari Educational System Cassettes Atari Basic Sociology / Counseling Procedures / Basic Psychology (3x box)
Atari Privat-Computer-System (Duits) Atari Large grey box, 2x cass.: Programmieren leicht gemacht / Space Invaders
Atari Smash Hits vol 1 Aackosoft black plastic box, dutch, compleet
BC`s Quest for Tires Aackosoft, Sierra On-Line dutch, b/w man. in dutsch, plastic box
Bounty Bob Strikes Back! Big Five Software Large plastic white box, no manual
Brian Clough`s Fussball Manager CDS Software Ltd. mis 1x voetbalkaartje ersatz spieler (welke?)
Caves of Death Channel 8 Software  
Code-Woord Wolters spelen met 1000 woorden. kompleet
Colossus Chess 3.0 Aackosoft  /English Software Large plastic box, no disk, no manual
Colossus Chess 4 CDS Software ltd. Large plastic box, eng/fr/deu, complete
Colossus Chess CDS Software ltd. same, unopened
Colossus Chess Aackosoft copyright English Software
Computer War Aackosoft in thorn-like box
Conversational German CX4118 6 cassettes,  A4 size, incl. manual
Conversational French CX4119 5 cassettes, sealed, A4 size
Conversational Italian CX4125 5 cassettes, sealed, A4 size
Conversational Spanish CX4120 5 cassettes, sealed, A4 size
Crusade in Europe Microprose Blue Cartboard box, complete
Crush, Crumble and Chomp! Epyx Lightblue larger cartboard box, complete, Dinosaur/buoldings/people
Diamonds - Für Atari 400/800 und 600XL Dynamics DY-393013 Black large box rainbow-colours , cassette is C15 (looks plain, says Dynamics)
F-15 Strike Eagle US Gold Microprose Software 5 cassettes, sealed, A4 size
Forbidden Forest Cosmi/Ariola Soft Der Wald von Demogargon, yellow cartboard box, no manual
Fort Apocalypse Synapse Helicopters on red/green background
Golf Classic & Compubar - Edufun! Edufun! AMHC04 Black square  sleeve 16*18 cm
Gulp!! & Arrow Graphics - Edufun! Edufun! AMHC03 Black square  sleeve 16*18 cm with fish/see drawing
Hangman Atari Brown/blue cartboard box, complete
Hijack Aackosoft Dutch. w. dutch b/w man., black plastic box
Jewels of Darkness Rainbird/Firebird Complete. Blue box
Jump Jet   -   Kampf- un flugsimulator Anirog software Larger (a5) box, german (kassette)
Jumpman Epyx Drawing of space/red robots/man, 2 cassettes, complete, cartboard box, larger
Kennedy Approach Microprose Green cartboard box, complete
Machine Code Tutor Aackosoft complete
Lothorian   no man., black smaller box
Mule Electronic Arts, Ariolasoft small square box w. packed mule w. telephone etc., no man.
Nautilus Synapse 2 games, other is Protector II
Pitfall II Activision carton box, incl. man.
Plastron Harlequin see-through plastic square box, complete
Pooyan Konami/Datasoft Blue box, sealed
Protector II Synapse 2 games, other is Nautilus
Puzzle Panic Epyx Black box, sealed 924C
Ricochet Epyx White/blue/red box, complete (b/w manual)
River Raid Activision carton box, incl. man.
River Rescue Aackosoft blue cover, black plastic box, complete, Creative Sparks
Scram Atari brown/green large cartboard box, complete
Silicon Dreams Rainbird/Firebird Blue cartboard box, complete (w. code-glass)
Spae Shuttle Activision carton box, incl. man.
Spitfire 40 Mirrorsoft blue cover, black plastic box, flight sim., complete
Star Warrior Epyx Yellow larger cartboard box, robots/fire/spaceship, complete
Steeple Jack - Für Atari 400/800 und 600XL Dynamics DY-393014 Black large box rainbow-colours , cassette is C15 (looks plain, says Dynamics)
Success with Math CBS Multiplication and Division, complete, blue square cartboard box
Touch Typing Atari Sealed, brown/red large cartboard box
Voyager 1 Sabotage of the robot ship Microcomputer Games Avalon Hill 1 cassette, no manual, large box A4

Smaller (black) plastic cassettes:

4 Star Compilation Red Rat compl.w. man.,Laser hawk, Domain o.t. undead, Escape from doomworld, Panic express
4 Star compilation vol. 2 Red Rat Screaming WQings/Crumble`s crisis/the search/disc hopper
4 Star vol. 1 Red Rat laserhawk/panic express/escape from doomworld/domain o.t. undead
A Day at the Races Red Rat no manual
Astro-Droid Red Rat no man.
Attack of the Mutant Camels Llamasoft LLA41003, complete
Attack of the Mutant Camels Aackosoft in Llamasoft box  
Atari Smash Hits vol. 1 English Software 1984, purple cover, man. on back cover
Atari Smash Hits vol. 3 English Software 1984, purple cover, man. on back cover
Atari Smash Hits vol. 4 English Software 1985, green/white cover, man. on back cover
Aztec Databyte 1985 Datamost, no man.
Aztec Databyte 1985 Datamost, complete
Ballblazer Activision cpmplete
Beta Lyrae, the tail of... Databyte 1983, Datamost, no man.
Blue Max Synsoft/US Gold complete w. (small) man.
Blue Max. 2001 Synsoft/US Gold complete w. man.
Boulderdash Databyte Rockford`s Revenge, no man.
Boulderdash Construction Kit Databyte complete
Bounty Bob Strikes Back Big Five no manual
Chimera (Super Silver) Firebird White box, euro box, compl.
Chop Suey English Software man. on back cover
Colourspace, a light synthesiser) Llamasoft complete
Decathlon Activision compl. w. man.
Dig Dug Datasoft compl. with man.
Drelbs Synsoft/US Gold no man.
Elektra Glide English Software man. on back cover
Fort Apocalypse Synsoft/US Gold compl. w. man.
Goonies, the Datasoft/US Gold Compl. w. man.
Great American Cross-Country Road Race Activision compl. w. man.
Greatest Hits vol. 1 Databyte complete w. man.
Hacker Activision complete
Hover Bovver Llamasoft no man.
Hover Bovver Aackosoft  
Invasion Argus Press with manual (on back cover)
King of the Ring Gremlin Graphics compl. w. man.
Kissin` Kousins English Software no man.
Laser Hawk RedRat no man.
Mercenary Novagen no man.
Mr. Robot Databyte compl. w. man.
Nato Commander Microprose No man.
Nightmares Red Rat  
Pirate Adventure Adventure International (2) no man., an original Scott Adams Adventure
Planetfall APS Argus Press Software man. on back cover
Polar Pierre Databyte no man.
Pole Position Datasoft no man., Premier Arcades
Quasimodo Synsoft/US Gold/Ocean compl. w. man.
Red Moon Level 9 Computing Complete
Rescue on Fractalus! Activision Lucasfilm Games, compl. w. man.
Roman Empire Lothlorien no man.
Second City - see The Second City    
Solo Flight Microprose/US Gold compl. w. man.,
Space Lobsters Red Rat  
Spitfire Ace Microprose Complete
Spy Vs. Spy The Island Caper Databyte complete
Spy Hunter Sega complete
Submarine Commander Creative Sparks Thorn Emi 1984 TNDB71
Sun Star CRL complete
Tapper Sega compl. w. man., official arcade game
The Fall of Rome ASP Software man. on back cover
The Great American Cross-Country ROAD RACE Activision complete
The Second City  (Mercenary Escape from Targ expansion) Novagen extra challenges for the Mercenary game (will not work without original game)
Turboflex Llamasoft Dutch cass., no man.
War-Copter Red Rat compl. w. man.
Who Dares Wins II Tynesoft man. on back cover, red/white tape, Tynesoft stamped.
Winter Olympics Tynesoft man. on back cover, red/white tape, Tynesoft stamped.
Zone X Gremlin Graphics man. on back cover.

Plastic larger size cassettes: (ca. double size small cassettes)

Ace of Aces US Gold
Arcade Classics Datasoft
Asylum All American Adventures
Atari Aces  (Zorro/Spy Hunter/Up `n Down / Tapper) Master games
Atari Smash Hits vol. 7 English Software
Druid Firebird
Encounter Novagen
European Super Soccer  
Fight Night US Gold
Football Manager Addictive
Four Great Games (jetset willy/balloonacy/pengon/wizard Micro Value
Four Great Games - Vol. 2 (Killer Cycle / Mouse Trap / Space Hawk / Who Dares wins II) Micro Value
Four Great Games - Vol. 3 (Rebound/Phantom/Cannibals/Count Down) Micro Value
Gauntlet US Gold
Ghost Chaser US Gold
Hardball! Accolade
House of Usher Midas
James Bond 007 The Living Daylights Domark
Karate International System 3
King Size Robtek
Leader Board US Gold
Spindizzy Electronic Dreams
Spy vs. Spy Databyte
Superman First Star
Super Zaxxon US Gold
The Comet Game Hot/Firebird
Traiblazer Gremlin
Warrior of Ras All American Adventures

Small cassettes: (audiotape size)


Action Biker


Amaurote - M.A.D.

American Roadrace

Arkanois (loose cassette) Imagine


ATARI 01 (grey, Courbois software, dutch)

ATARI 06 (grey, Courbois software, dutch)

ATARI 07 (grey, Courbois software, dutch)

ATARI 09 (grey, Courbois software, dutch)

ATARI 13 (grey, Courbois software, dutch)
ATARI 14 (grey, Courbois software, dutch)

Atari S01 (Super Tekst) (Brown, Courbois software, dutch)

Atari Home Computer Audio Training Cassette
Atari Snelstart 29 48a

Attack o.t. Mutant Camels

Audio Training Cassette

Aztec Challenge

Best of Basicode (Nos)

Best of Basicode 3 (Nos)
Black Out - Geschichlichkeitsspiel - Europa Computer Club
Blinkys Scary School (Zeppelin, green cass.)
Blockade - Geschicklichkeitsspiel - Europa Computer Club
Blue Max (no cover)

BMX Simulator

Bombfusion - Mastertronic


Bounty Bob Strikes Back

Bruce Lee

Bubble Trouble

Buddelmax - Quellesoft

Bug Byte-S Mazogs

Bug off!
Bulldog (loose cassette)


Castle Assault - Blue Ribbon
Caverns of Eriban
Caverns of Khafka
Circus (white label, loose cassette)
Clowns and Balloons (no cover)
Cops `n Robbers
Cossfire (loose cassette)
Crystal Raider
Cuthbert goes Walkabout
Dampf Maschine Simulationsspiel - Europa Computer Club
Dan Strikes Back
Danger Ranger

Darts - Blue Ribbon

Daylight Robbery

Death Race

Denk Mit! Strategiespiel - Europa Computer Club
Despatch Rider
Die Englischstunde - Europa Computer Club
Die Mathe Stunde - Europa Computer Club
Die Mathe Stunde 2 - Europa Computer Club
Dimension X
Dizzy Dize
Electric Starfish
Electronische kaartenbak (blue)
Electronische kaartenbak (yellow label)
Euro Demo`s (FM Software)
Europa Computer-Club: Bilder Puzzle  (= Commodore AND Atari cassettes)
Europa Computer-Club: Computer Kran
Europa Computer-Club: Wilde 15
Europa Computer-Club: Wilder Westen
Extirpator, The
F-15 Strike Eagle (cassette only)
Fantastic Soccer
Fighter Pilot (Interceptor Micro`s on cassette)
Fighter pilot (Digital integration)

Fische Fischen Geschickligkeitsspiel - Euopa Computer Club

Fischmarkt Strategiespiel - Europa Computer Club
Foorball Manager  (Addictive)
Footballer o.t. Year
Freaky Factory
Gauntlet-  the deeper dungeons
Gold Gräber Strategiespiel - Europa Computer Club
Golf am Sonntag
Grand Prix Simulator
Gun Law
Henry`s House
Hover Bover
Inleiding tot geluid (part 1 from 4) loose cassette
Inleidign tot graphics (part 5 from 7) loose cassette
James Bond 007 The Living Daylights
Jet-Boot-Jack  (English Software)
Jet-Boot-Jack - Byte Back
Jocky Wilson`s Darts challenge
Kannibalen - Quellesoft
Kampf dem Ungeziefer
Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager (no box)
Knockout Boxing
Künstler - Quellesoft
L.A. Swat
Las Vegas Casino
Last V8
Listings no. 1 (atari info)
Master Chess
Matta Blatta
Micro Rhythm
Milk Race
Molecule Man
Monstersmash Aackosoft
Mordon`s Quest
Mr. Dig
New York City NYC
Nightmare Maze
Nightraiders - includes Ardy the Aardvark
Ninja Master
Nos Basicode 2 Voorbeeldprogramma`s / vertaalprogramma`s
Nuclear Nick
Ollie`s Follies
Olympic Skier
On Cue
One Man and his Droid
One on One
Periscope Up
Perseus & Andromeda
Pinguin - Quellesoft
Pitfall II (activision cover)
Pole Position + demo
Pothole Pete
g! (Americana )
Pro Mountain Bike Simulator
Programma`s schrijven deel 1 (les 5/7 + test)  loose cassette
Programma`s schrijven deel 2 (les 5/8+test)  loose cassette
Quest for Eternity
Rasen-Mäher - Europa Computer Club
Red Max
Revenge II
Richar Petty`s Rennzirkus  (no label, cart + case)
River Rescue
Robots Knights
Rockford / Crystal Raider
Savage Pond
Schatz-Suche - Europa Computer Club


Sea Bandit - Gentry Software (loose cassette)
See-Saw Scramble
Shamus II (activision cover)
Sidewinder - Futureware 1986 (sticker, loose cassette)
Sidewinder (Zeppelin, green cass.)
Sidewinder II - Mastertronic
Silicon (blue)

Silicon Warrior - Epy - Euro Gold

Soft Count gezinsbudget (blue)
Soft Note (blue)
Space Shuttle (activision cover)
Speed Zone
Spiky Harold (Firebird)
Speed Ace
Spiky Harold
Stack Lightpen Software: Crossword Twister
Stack Lightpen Software: Go
Stack Lightpen Software: Othello
Stack Lightpen Software: Draughts
Stack Lightpen Software: Shuffler
Stack Lightpen Software: Concentration (no cover)
Stack Up (Zeppelin)
Steve Davis Snooker
Strip Poker

Super Gärtner

System 8 the pools predictor!
Table Football
Tank Commander
Tarot Card
Ten Little Indians
The Golden Baton
TKKG Das Leere Grab Im Moor - Europa Computer Club

Touch (Europa Computer Club)

Trull - Europa Computer Club
Tutti Frutti
Twilight World
Universal Hero
Up Up & Away
Vegas Jackpot
Video Classics
War Hawk
Whirlwind - Americana
Willy Geht Wandern - Quellesoft
Winter Wally
World Soccer (Zeppelin, green cass.)

Zone X


New selaed


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