Lootcrate Target



Promo bags and clothing Atari Germany


Businesscards, writingblock, tape, calculator Atari Lothar Reitze



Trading Card series 1 Lynx
Original 80`s Dutch posters

Original 80`s Dutch posters

                Original 80`s Dutch posters
                   Original 80`s Dutch posters
Sweatband set

Golftees Atari Games

notebook Italy

A4 flyer
Original Eighties Paperweigh

Gift from a former Atari-dealer
In the Netherlands.
Atari hard-plastic Case

Was formerly owned by Ad Visser.
He received this when he had a game-magazine in the eighties, 
together with the contents and 
lots of games. 
I have been told this is
one of only 500 cases.
The holes in the top fit exactly the
Atari and joysticks...

Small game token Atari
Used in the Arcades. 
You had to buy these 
to play the games.

Noticed the ATARI-one  !!??!!

tari Tape (Original 80`s)

PLastic Pocket-Protector  (to put your pen in,  original 80`s)

Pen from the Amusements-park "Pac-Land"

Atari Pen (original 80`s)

Atari Plastic Kite (original 80`s)

Balsar Wood Flying High plane (approx. 20 xm. when build,  Original 80`s)

Car Sign (Original 80`s)

Lunchbox with thermos  (original 80`s)
Share Atari Technology Corp., Original 80`s

Stock-certificate for 200 shares, 1994

Superman Cosmos Hologram

Cosmos Hologram, bought from Dan, a former ATARI-employee

  Cosmos Hologram, close-up
(Original 80`s)

Atari 2600 Motherboard  layout, Micro Fiche Card  used by Atari Engineering and purchasing, 13 June 1983

CS test specifications, Micro Fiche Card used  by Atari Engineering and purchasing, 17 Aug. 1983

Blueprint for the 1400 XL, 8 pages, approx. size A2, original  80`s

Close-Up:Blueprint for the 1400 XL, 

Original Atari 5.25 Disks, (for the 810) Still sealed. (Original 80`s)

Cover for XL, German Version
(Original 80`s)

Paper binder for 3-hole papers, Original 80`s)

Home Computer Binder ( Original 80`s)

Field Service Binder ( original 80`s)

aperwork Collection from  the Atari Office,  Original 80`s

Notebook from the  Atari-Office,  Original 80`s

Lynx paperwork Collection

 German Game-Winners-document, Original 80`s

German Contest-paper,  Original 80`s

German book, to write down high-scores

Flyer, German, 3 folded pages 1982

German, 4 pages, 1981

Folder Quelle, 2 pages

German, 2 pages

Plastic sheet for the CX 85.  
(Original 80`s)

Original brown unused cartridge (Original 80`s)

Shorting Plug (Original 80`s)

2600 Game Cart Socket

  Loaner Cartridge Oscar`s  Trash Race,  Prototype. (Original, dated 17-01-1984)

Atari Wafer, filled with custom-made Atari-chips

tari Wafer, filled with  custom-made Atari-chips

Atari Wafer, filled with custom-made Atari-chips

 Lynx Stand, for shops to  display a lynx in. (Swedish ? )

Jaguar Case, Original 90`s

Wallet, ST-give-away

  ET Mobile, still sealed and unfolded (Original 80`s)

Ms. Pac-Man Mobile, orig. 80`s

Blue flag, original 80`s

Rainbow flag, 1981 

Jaguar pvc flag

Lynx flag, original 90`s
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