800xl Dust Cover brown fake leather

Abbuc Atari Mug (German Atari Club)

Atari Mug, original 80`s

Atari Mug, original 80`s

Game Program Case, sealed, original 80`s

Cartridge Case, original 80`s

Cartrige Library model Org 300.

Cartridge Library,  model org 500,  original 80`s 


Cassette-Case,  Original 80`s

Cartridge Case,  Original 80`s (minus the sticker  :-))

Flip `n File for Cartridges or disks,  orig. 80`s

Holds 28 game carts  (or 8 video tapes) original 80`s

Cosmi Video GamesDisplay, with sealed 
Galactic Avenger cassette 
(original 80`s)

Pac-Man Thermos, Original 80`s

Pac-Man Frisbee, 1982, Namco, Atari

Pac-Man tabletop Midway, Coleco  orig. 80`s

Namco TV games, 5 games in 1, March 2004

Atari 10 in 1 (German version)

Tiger Kaboom game, 1998

Stamps,  among them kids  playing Atari VCS,   year ca. 2000

Stress-doll Mario, 90`s

Paper Watch,  give-away 2003 E3

DJ Slip Mats.
To lay on the turn-table of your record-player, year ca. 2001 

2003, Energy-drinks

Action-Man with Atari-Logo on shoulder, ca. 2002

Frosties  (German release)  with Atari CD-Rom (september 2003)

Atari Ait-water-ball

Centipede. German paper hat for the contest 1983

Magnets Pac-Man, 1980`s

Thick plastic stickers Mario Bros., 1980`s

Sweat-Band, orig. 80`s

Donkey Kong Bubble Gum (still in it!)  original 80`s

And now(years later) also in box!
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