The MyIDE interface                  

Welcome to the MyIDE page. I have begun developing this interface in 1999.
This is an interface to connect an IDE harddisk or a memory card to your Atari.
I also wrote MyBIOS, the IDE based OS

At first I made and sold them myself, but due to lack of time, that is now in the hands of Steven Tucker:

Worldwide seller:   WWW.ATARIMAX.COM



For building it yourself:
  click here

For Atari 800 (no XL) click here

Visit the official   MyIDE-forum
(Software / drivers / manuals / questions)

MyIDE (home-brew units) is for personal use only and you are not allowed
to sell them commercially without my license.
I own all the rights of this IDE-product and resulting software/drivers.

MyIDE+1Mb flash

internal MyIDE-kit with
MyIDE-OS on flashrom


   My digitized movies running with a MyIde on a XL/XE ! 

My very first running movie on a Atari!

Matrix reloaded demo!
Click on the picture

My Latest RGB (color!) on a Atari XL
remember: only a 1.8 Mhz CPU

D.I.Y. "A fly, what we come up next" Atari-movie
(directory for download/info)

Work in progress (directory)
Please note these are older versions!