Following many requests, here is my 'New in my collection' page !




Stunt Cycle PAL !!

Very rare to find in Pal version




3x calculator

1x gift (middle)



From former employee, 8 bath towels - enough to
last a lifetime :-)

and keep a few sealed for the collection of course



From the retrofair in Deurne,

traded, received as gift, or bought.

it`s so nice that people take things

with them for us because it`s Atari!!

On the right is an Arcade boxed,

on the left a binder with letters, schematics etc.


Atari Brand book for Atari`s 35th anniversary.

Extremely nice book about the past, present and future.


Gift from Oliver Knagge :-)


Original 80`s posters.
Very good condition and great addition to
my collection! :-)



400 / 800 (NTSC) 410 / Party Quiz (yes, buzzers for the 800!) joysticks and vinyl cover, all from the USA
Coca Cola can 80`s
Atari Age - all magazines, complete.
Close-up of the Heavy Sixer.


09-09-2012: Fair Deurne

 Heavy Sixer pal!!!
 Homevision Repro Cart (Parachute on it)
 2600 Dark Cavern game
 Some books/Videopac game.


29-08-2012: Tron sealed game & Tron joystick

(gift from Bonami Spelcomputer Museum - Naomi & John, thanks!!!)

28-05-2012: (birthday)

-Play Me button
-Game Token Atari logo
-Tempest pin
-5x button games 80`s
Retrofair Germany - all trades
- all Atari Age magazines
- Cassettes
- Asterix 7800 Bochum Edition
- Disks
- Cartridges
- Stickers
- Pins
- 1200 XL


65 XE from Currys UK (bought on Ebay)
Sales/Promo stand, Atari Benelux (used to display the matrix game)

Gift from Atari Benelux :-)

Now converted with a atari 2600; 6 switch woody with my AV-mod and Harmony cartridge.

Atari Falcon 030
Gift From Marcel Riepe.
Atari 2800 system, loose with PSU and 2 controllers
Battlesphere gold (Jaguar)
Mad Bodies (Jaguar)
Atari Flashback 2+